Buffy Sainte-Marie
September 24, 2015
by FYI Staff

She was amazing, is amazing, and to all the grand wizards who gave her another moment after being blacklisted in America during the Vietnam war, leading her to love of all children on Sesame Street... "thank you all".

Tanya Tagaq
September 23, 2015
by FYI Staff

Last year's Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq has used the platform to further her aims of promoting her culture, and standing up against a corporate tyranny she sees wanting her people's lands.

September 22, 2015
by Buffy Sainte-Marie

"True North (Records) has been very smart about getting the album heard. That’s always been a problem for me... to get me heard...."

Viet Cong
September 21, 2015
by Anonymous (not verified)

"... Art and music are about creative expression. However, our band name is not our cause, and we are not going to fight for it. This is not what our band is about."

September 18, 2015
by Bob Lefsetz

"... Unless you’re going to put out incredible music, you’re playing to your fans only, your audience isn’t going to grow. Chances are, it’s going to shrink, because people are constantly exposed to great new stuff, and they’d rather listen to that."

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp
September 17, 2015
by Anonymous (not verified)

Johnny Depp talks about the Hollywood Vampires and "My Dead Drunk Friends" ....

September 16, 2015
by Wade Rolland

The media and the Conservatives carefully sidestep allowing the CBC to become an election issue and yet the electorate has expressed overwhelming support for the national broadcaster. Who will stand up for the embattled pubcaster?

Lindi Ortega
September 15, 2015
by Lindi Ortega

Canadian country singer Lindi Ortega is fighting  for women to to get equal play on American radio and she's got a few choice comments for any man stupid enough to stand in her way...

Hélène Muddiman
September 14, 2015
by FYI Staff

British composer Hélène Muddiman’s plan would charge online audiences every time they view an artist’s material.

Luc Plamondon
September 11, 2015
by Luc Plamondon

"... I think my impact was mostly on the structure of the songs. For example, to create a musical, you need a composer who’s able to adapt his compositions to the lyrics, stretch out the verses or chorus ..."

Robert Ott, Rush, ole music publishing
September 10, 2015
by FYI Staff

Robert Ott stands up for songwriters and wonders why governments arbitarily meddle in setting rates on what music publishers can charge customers for content.

Jim Vallance, Bryan Adams
September 9, 2015
by Jim Vallance

Jim Vallance remembers co-writing "Summer Of '69" in a basement with Bryan Adams back in January of 1984. Neither one were convinced it was a strong enough track to make the Reckless album.