jay Aymar
August 13, 2015
by David Farrell

"Some days I don't even know where I'm from anymore. Most days I can't remember what town I've left or where I'm heading to..."

Jay Aymar
August 12, 2015
by David Farrell

Some make money. Some survive. Some die. Cream rises. So does hot air. In the words of Stephen Leacock, "The harder I work the luckier I get."

Alice Cooper
August 11, 2015
by FYI Staff

In a recent interview, Alice Cooper offers some advice to bands on the run. Having been through the wringer and survived to tell his story, advice from Vincent Furnier is advice worth heeding.

Jerr Lee Lewis
August 10, 2015
by David Farrell

Jerry Lee Lewis: "I worry about whether I'm going to heaven or hell."

David Byrne
August 5, 2015
by FYI Staff

Ex-Talking Head, David Byrne speaks out in the NYT: "Musicians are entrepreneurs. We are essentially partners with the labels, and should be treated that way...."

Steve Kowch
July 31, 2015
by Anonymous (not verified)

"The sad thing is that most people doing the bitching don’t understand they come across as dinosaurs. They need to look around the radio station, the newsroom, the studio and at station events and listen to what the new generation is talking about...".

Ben Rayner, Toronto Star, WayHome Music & Arts Festival
July 29, 2015
by Anonymous (not verified)

"It was totally cheating, but I must confess that I slept better on that mattress than I usually do at home... I’ve never 'slept in' at a festival before in my life."

Wayne Webster
April 23, 2015
by Bill King

Sports are more addictive than prescription drugs and there is no cure. Once hooked, forever enslaved. I know from personal experience.

Universal Music logo
April 21, 2015
by David Farrell

QUESTION posed by Karen Bliss in Billboard magazine:  "Why would a multinational corporation -- Universal being the largest record company in the world -- need a million dollars that could go to help more of the upstarts?"

Anthony Bay of Rdio
April 17, 2015
by admin

John Parikhal writes to discuss the Tidal controversy.