Bryan Adams
May 8, 2015
by David Farrell

It is day one at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel for the start of the 2015 CMW conference. I am at the registration booth on the concourse level sometime after 8 a.m. Thursday and the line-up is short. My particulars are in order and it’s off to the hotel lobby lounge for a coffee, armed with the ‘official program’, and ready to peruse the agenda and set up my schedule for the day.

Michael Geist
May 5, 2015
by David Farrell

Why tech critic Michael Geist's take on copyrights is misguided.

Donnell Leahy and Natalie MacMaster
May 4, 2015
by Bill King

Cape Breton fiddler extraordinaire speaks with Bill King about her new LP with husband Donnell Leahy, life in Ontario, and how she fits into her storied lineage.

Don Shafer
April 30, 2015
by Bill King

On the eve of his induction into the Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame, we look back and look forward with the founding of his new Roundhouse Radio project.

Yoan Garneau
April 28, 2015
by David Farrell

It's like a bad marriage kept going for convenience sake with conversation kept to the bare minimum between the parties involved.

The Cowboy Junkies
April 27, 2015
by Bill King

Ahead of their induction into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame, we speak to the alt-country icons who turned wistful melancholy and a superlative Lou Reed cover into an enduring career.

Record Store Day
April 21, 2015
by David Farrell

This past Saturday was the big event day for Indy record stores nationwide, and by all accounts traffic was up significantly in the days leading up to, and record crowds on the day itself. Our own Kerry Doole stood for several hours at a couple of stores in Toronto's hipper districts, shelling out several hundred dollars to acquire rare vinyl and curios.

April 20, 2015
by David Farrell

A majority of Canadians consider Canadian culture to be unique, worthy and critically in need of protection to survive. Those views explain why Canadians generally hold favourable views towards cultural institutions—the CBC and the CRTC.

George Bush and the Internets
April 20, 2015
by Bill King

Not long after Al Gore discovered the Internet, and a decade point five before George Bush discovered a few more, there were 22,000,000 online users. 
Yes, I remember that sum to this day. We were about to endure a six hour sales pitch that promised to revamp our lives.

Mysterious Person in Shadow
April 8, 2015
by David Farrell

It happens ALL the time. A publicist pushes out a news release about a moment of fame a client has won, but fails to include key information that can help to sell the client's goods and services.