Track of the Day

Track of the Day

Frazey Ford
October 23, 2017
by Kerry Doole

One of the most distinctively soulful voices in Canadian music is vividly showcased on the winning track. The production gives it room to breathe, while horns, backing vocals, and a silver-toned guitar employed with a subtle effectiveness. 

Kim Stockwood
October 20, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The acclaimed singer/songwriter from Newfoundland makes a welcome return with a mini-album comprising fresh versions of some of her favourite songs. The poetic Ron Hynes-written title cut features her pure voice accompanied by King's fluent piano and poignant violin by Ben Mink.

The Kents  Photo: Brody White
October 18, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The highly-rated modern rock combo has just delivered a second EP, Within Waves. This guitar-driven focus track features passionate vocals, probing lyrics, crisp production and subtly shifting dynamics.

October 16, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The imaginative pop combo from Halifax released its sophomore album Tuning on Friday. This focus cut is sparse, quirky and has a gentle charm.

Hey Ocean!
October 13, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The BC popsters return after a long absence with a new album coming early next year. This advance track is a sweet pop confection featuring bright vocals, quick tempo shifts, and crisp production.

The Pack A.D.
October 11, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The fiery BC rock duo has a new album, Dollhouse,  coming out on Friday, and an eye-catching video for the title track single is now available for viewing.

John K. Samson
October 6, 2017
by Kerry Doole

"Prayer For Ruby Elm" was included on Samson's well-received 2016 album Winter Wheat, but was written for the soundtrack of Erika MacPherson's independent film May We Grow, and it is this version that is now released.

Steph Cameron  Photo: Mark Maryanovich
October 4, 2017
by Kerry Doole

A highlight from her excellent sophomore album, this charming track showcases the folk singer/songwriter's pure voice, poetic lyrics, and fluent acoustic guitar playing.

Skydiggers  Photo: Heather Pollock
October 2, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The roots-rock veterans remain a vital force, as is shown by this concise treat taken from their imminent ninth studio album, Warmth of the Sun. 

Neon Dreams
September 29, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The fast career ascent of the Juno Master Class winners from Halifax will continue with this new single that fuses an ear-catching melody and cool rhythmic vibe.

September 27, 2017
by Kerry Doole

The Toronto rockers, formerly known as Ginger Ale & The Monowhales, are already charting with this new single. It's an upbeat and catchy cut driven by frisky guitars and a stuttering vocal refrain, and the colourful video is catnip for the eyes.

Beatrice Keeler
September 25, 2017
by Kerry Doole

A semi-finalist on La Voix, this promising singer/songwriter hopes to capitalize on that exposure when her debut album, Bygone, comes out on Friday.