Music Biz Headlines

Music Biz Headlines

Justin Timberlake
March 16, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Justin Timberlake dazzles in Toronto, and HBO installs a Westworld attraction at SXSW. Also in the headlines are The Junos, Neil Young, Cody Critcheloe, Joni Mitchell, Samantha Martin, Rich Aucoin, Carlos del Junco, and Jann Arden.

Taylor Swift
March 14, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Taylor Swift has been media-shy of late, and Eminem takes shots at the NRA. Also in the headlines are American Idol, Rosie & the Riveters, Weird Al, Jason Corbett, Emmylou Harris, Glen Hansard, Julian Casablancas, reggaeton, James Levine, and the Dears.

Northern Touch
March 12, 2018
by Kerry Doole

The 20th anniversary of a Canadian hip-hop anthem, a leaner Toronto festival summer, and the musical passions of Stephen King. Also in the headlines are OLP, Peaches, Steely Dan, Perla Batalla, Rusty, Emmylou Harris, Ensign Broderick, Steve Winwood, Royal Wood, and Earthless.

March 9, 2018
by Kerry Doole

A Bieber exhibit is taking Stratford by storm, NME publishes its last print edition, and Record Store Day announces its offerings. Also in the headlines are Spice Girls, Rhye, Memphis music, a code of conduct, Nickelodeon, Canadian stand-up comics, Dwight Yoakam, Frigs, Jane Bunnett, Mo Kenney, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Skaface, and Alice Bags.

Photo: CTV News
March 7, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Montreal has a case of Cohen fever, and women jazz musicians make a mark in New York. Also in the headlines are the Music Modernization Act, Rich Aucoin, the VSO, Flight of the Conchords, Faith Healer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gwenno, Joni Mitchell, and David Byrne.

March 5, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Names in the news today include Spotify, Diana Panton, Charlie Watts, Rich Aucoin, Tory Lanez, the CMA, British jazz, Johnson Crook, Hedley, Kim Deal, Memphis music, Born Ruffians, and Lila Downs.

Valerie Anne Poxleitner, better known as Lights, made headlines in Houston
March 2, 2018
by FYI Staff

Hedley going on hiatus, the budget gets mixed reviews, Lights lights up Houston, Quincy apologizes, books to read, Elise LeGrow finds fandom in Paris, and Sarah Slean joins a Joni tribute – plus a whole lot more in the weekend read.

Amy Winehouse
February 28, 2018
by Kerry Doole

A demo by a teenage Amy Winehouse creates a stir, and Saga has a swansong show in Toronto. Others in the headlines include Tafelmusik, Typhoon, Alice Glass, France Joli, 10cc, Ronley Teper, Southern rock, gender parity, Len Mizzoni, Yoko Ono, and Big Wreck.

February 26, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Figure skaters can now use music more freely, and Virtue and Moir honour Gord Downie. Others in the headlines include Charlotte Day Wilson, Camila Cabello, Dean Jarvis, Afro-futurism, Superchunk, The Breeders, Frigs, U.S. Girls, Kelly Clarkson, and Lisa Marie Presley.

February 23, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Gibson attempts to dampen rumours of bankruptcy, and Chris Cornell's widow opens up about his death. Also in the headlines are Erin Benjamin, Elise LeGrow, Bluebird Cafe, Wavelength, Soft Cell, LSD, Matt Holubowski, Herb Alpert, and Ornette Coleman.

Barenaked Ladies
February 21, 2018
by Kerry Doole

Barenaked Ladies slam-dunk the national anthem, a new wave of African-Canadian pop music emerges, and Neil Young discusses Pono. Also in the headlines are Folk Alliance, women in country, Come From Away, Troker, Enter Sikari, Jon Erickson, Yoko Ono, Willie Nelson, John Lydon, and Sarah Harmer.

February 19, 2018
by Kerry Doole

A Canadian hip-hop anthem turns 20 this year, and Drake's penchant for charity is praised. Also in the headlines are music broadcasts, Joni Mitchell, audio streaming and ticket scalping.