Five Questions With...

Five Questions With...

Kerry Clarke
July 14, 2017
by Jason Schneider

Five major summer music festivals have collaborated on an ambitious collaborative touring project called Canada Far & Wide: GrandsEsprits, celebrating the Canadian songbook.

Rodney DeCroo Photo: Rebecca Blisset
July 12, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The Vancouver-based singer/songwriter, poet, and playwright is earning kudos for his seventh full-length album, Old Tenement Man. He took time out from his current cross-country touring to discuss the powerfully poetic work.

Philosopher Kings
July 7, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The '90s pop/R&B hitmakers have reunited and will release a fifth studio album later this year. They explain that the loyalty of their fans helped prompt their return.

Phil Klygo
July 5, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The independent label head and artist manager has had a key role in the careers of Great Lake Swimmers, Art Bergmann, and many others over the 15 years of his company (weewerk).

The Raven & The Fox
June 30, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The folk-rock duo from Canmore has honed a poetic and haunting sound that is now showcased on a self-titled debut album.

The Nursery
June 28, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The award-winning Toronto synth-rock band blends neon-drenched atmospheric pop and rock and roll adventurism on their imminent debut album Life After Wartime.

Jessica Mitchell
June 23, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The eloquent and versatile singer/songwriter is breaking out now with her new single "Don't Love Me." She reflects on her creative vision and key influences here.

Jon Stancer Photo by Aron Harris - A. Richard Photo
June 21, 2017
by Jason Schneider

To record his debut solo album For The Birds, the Toronto singer/songwriter returned to the studio after almost a decade's absence. He reflects upon the productive experience here.

Dylan Ireland Photo: Jack Martin
June 16, 2017
by Jason Schneider

Express And Company effectively established Ireland’s reputation and he is now poised to go further as a solo artist by keeping his creative focus closer to home.

Miranda. Photo: Marina Hashemi
June 13, 2017
by Jason Schneider

With her trademark red locks and equally blazing fiddle chops, Miranda Mulholland has become an unmistakable presence on the Canadian folk-rock scene.

Catherine MacLellan Photo: Oliver Tamagnini
June 9, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The daughter of Canadian songwriting icon Gene MacLellan pays eloquent homage to his legacy with her new album, If It's Alright With You.

Christina Martin. Photo_by Scott Munn,
June 6, 2017
by Jason Schneider

The award-winning East Coast songstress has just released "Lungs Are Burning, " a powerful new single that addresses the fentanyl drug crisis in Canada.