King’s Column

King’s Column

Mark Kearney and Randy Ray
October 13, 2017
by Bill King

The prolific writing team has just published a new book that features informative conversations with some pioneers of Canadian folk, pop and rock.

Leo Fender
October 6, 2017
by Bill King

Contemporary music owes a huge debt to the visionary inventor. A new book looks at the man behind the sound, and Bill King interviews the co-authors here.

Sammy Davis Jr.
September 22, 2017
by Bill King

Even with unbridled talent and career success, Davis could never escape the color of his skin in a land preoccupied and plagued with burning prejudice. He was the first true black superstar!

Eric Clapton
September 15, 2017
by Bill King

He may have achieved guitar god status, but the English blues-rocker has stared down addictions and personal tragedy, as a new film documentary exposes.

The incomparable Mr. RCA himself, Ed Preston
August 31, 2017
by Bill King

I feel fortunate to catch up with Ed Preston who many know as Mr RCA, but judging from this interview I think Ed would have loved to talk more about playing the drums.

The King Family 1925
August 25, 2017
by Bill King

In this very personal essay, Bill King reflects upon the insidious nature of racism in the South and the ways in which music can bridge the divide.

Photo: Kris King
June 23, 2017
by Bill King

Now in its 15th year, this festival in a remote part of Quebec manages to attract high-calibre artists, including a noteworthy First Nations component.

John Dexter
June 16, 2017
by Bill King

Dexter co-managed Carly Rae Jepsen during the massively successful, “Call Me Maybe” single. He has bundled all of his experiences and successes and poured them into A&R Lab.

Quebec Summer Festival
June 8, 2017
by Bill King

You can’t escape history when visiting the capital of Quebec; Quebec City.

Beaches Jazz
May 28, 2017
by Bill King

In a year that’s seen several music festivals fold due to rising costs, a weak dollar and heavy competition for frontline acts, Beaches Internation

Terry Wickham working the phone
May 25, 2017
by Bill King

37 years on, it remains one of Canada’s major roots music fests. Its longtime head explores the reasons for its longevity and success.

Fun needs sensitivity in modern times
May 22, 2017
by Bill King

Times, they are sensitive!