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Apr 23, 2018
What will cannabis legalization mean for music?
Apr 23, 2018
The small Baltic nation of Estonia is known as having one of the richest musical cultures in the world, producing artists of high quality in many g
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Apr 23, 2018
 Six questions for Joe Natale
Apr 23, 2018
The following are tracks delivered to radio by digital distributor DMDS/Yangaroo in Canada and broken down into two categories.
Apr 23, 2018
David Foster, the Jerry Bruckheimer of power ballads, likes to say that he hasn’t seen the inside of an elevator in more than 30 years because he’s

Today's New Track

  • Youthful as she is, her emotive style borders recognizable torch singers and a barstool of lounge crooners who once romanced audiences with a parcel of lipstick songs in watering holes made famous by the Rat Pack and Raymond Chandler.
  • Matt in March and definitely not in Dartmouth. Pic: Facebook
    This third single from his current album is custom made for in-dash playlists alongside classic road-trip tunes pulled from Damn the Torpedoes and Born to Run.
  • PATM's musical motif can be heard in antecedents such as Soft Cell and Crystal Castles, the accompanying video credits read like a movie-reel, and their production is bijou ne plus ultras.
  • This is a taut, action-packed story-telling song debut that opens with blazing certainty and carries through to the last lick.
  • Roots-rock outfit Crybaby made a splash with a sparkling debut record, Paintings, in 1996. Recently reunited after a long hiatus, they've released this cut from an imminent second album that pairs melancholia-tinged vocals and a resonant guitar twang. Gripping stuff.
  • Gloominess and introspection work like a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer on this barn-burning boom-buster that will have fans knocking back highballs like they were popping peanuts at Moose Winooski’s.
  • The blues is Chicago-style and the musicians load-in like old friends playing without the clock running or implied pressure to create hit songs.
  • Looking like a youthful Peter Frampton at his coiffed best, Canada’s pop poster-boy revels in his inspirations that include Prince, James Brown, and an earlier day Michael Jackson on this intoxicating whirlwind journey of wham-bam exploration.
  • Talk Show Host looking like proud dads following the release of 'We're Not Here To Make Friends'.
    "I Hate Men (I Really Hate Men)" is the latest single from Toronto’s commercially adept punk trio and it's not meant to be ironic. Content aside, this team packs a wallop with a Green Day-like anthem tailored like a bespoke suit for today’s wrenching twist into modern times and gender parity.
  • A leading light on the Montreal hip-hop scene, this MC was recently nominated for a Juno. Here he teams up with the Juno-winning Jazz Cartier on a cool and funky new single and video. Phelps' brother, Kaytranada, adds deft production touches.
  • Bravestation
    The Toronto sibling duo has just signed to a NYC record label and delivers the goods on this compelling new single that is part '80s electro-pop and part contemporary R&B. The track's slow, sensual vibe mirrors the song's romantic theme.
  • Now based in NZ, the twangy rock 'n soul singer is making a mark internationally. The first single from her upcoming album, Sassafrass!, this track is bold and brassy, driven by her force of nature voice.
  • Photo: Scott Munn
    The acclaimed Nova Scotian singer/songwriter has just released a new album. This single is a shiny modern pop gem, featuring pure vocals, sharp production, and reflective lyrics. The colourful video is the icing on the cake.
  • The dance music DJ and producer is up for two Junos in his hometown this weekend. Look for his huge streaming numbers to be boosted by this infectious new single, featuring the seductive guest vocals of Regn.
  • Album artwork
    The Calgary band formerly known as Viet Cong releases a new album on Friday, preceded by this compelling new single and video. Ringing guitars, driving percussion, and intense vocals evoke the post-punk sound of the early '80s.
  • Reggae hitmaker Shaggy has taken time off work with Sting to join Canadian singer Massari on a breezy and catchy single. Given that Caribbean-tinged pop tracks are hot these days, this one might blow up.
  • Album cover artwork
    It has been a long gap between albums for Montreal singer/songwriter Martine Groulx, but she impresses on this new single. It is a gentle and light-hearted look at girls on the town, looking for love or at least a good time.
  • Once named Canada's smartest person, the Toronto rapper displays his chops on the lead single from an imminent third album. The track skilfully weaves his fluent rhymes with the featured vocal of Jenna Nation.
  • Celest
    A star in Asia, the soulful Singaporean singer now resides in the northern town of Toronto. Aided by an ace local cast, she puts a fresh spin on The Dream Academy hit, and Unison benefits from the project.
  • Photo: Paul Wright
    The Toronto rock 'n roll duo has packed it in, but will deliver a final EP comprising covers of some blues-rock classics that have been an inspiration. This adrenalized version of a Jeff Beck fave features beefy vocal harmonies and searing guitar.