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FYI Music News’ mission is to bring our audiences the most up-to-date music business news and thoughts that affect our industry.

FYI’s interest is to support the stakeholders in the music business and offer a platform that is informative, insightful, influential, and entertaining — FYI News is the preeminent source of information and commentary about the current and the future state of the music business.

FYI was founded by David Farrell in 2008. Since its launch, FYI has kept a forward-looking view, both documenting and providing a lens into the future of the music business.

A core component of FYI News is the FYI News newsletter, a curated package of knowledge points and analysis. The weekly newsletter is a touchstone 5000+ readers who relied on its continuous drumbeat for over a decade of change in our industries.

Rate Card

All insertions appear in the newsletter once per week on Thursdays and daily on the site.

$200 per insertion.

If you’re interested in a custom campaign or would like to discuss sponsorship opportuniuties, please contact Jean-Marie Heimrath at (416) 716-2660 or via email at

* Discounts apply to the total inserts over a 1 year period

Creative Specs

Newsletter banners are 580 x 135 pixels. We accept gif, jpeg and png files.

Website banners are available in the following sizes:

728 x 90    –   Top Leaderboard

1170 x 90  –   Billboard

336 x 280   –  Large Rectangle

160 x 600   –  Skyscraper

240 x 70     –  Today’s New Track Sponsorship (Custom order)

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Insertion Order

Please have the following assets ready before starting the submission process:

  • Your ad creative, sized at 580 x 135 for the newsletter, and saved in either GiF, JPEG or PNG format.
  • Your ad creative, sized at one of the web site dimensions specifications above.
  • Optional: Two mobile-friendly version of your ad at 468 x 60 and 320 x 50, if you want your ad to display better on handheld devices.
  • The destination URL where the ad should link.
  • The requested start and end dates for the ad

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