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FYI Music News is the voice of Canada’s music industry, the only trade publication dedicated to covering and interpreting developments across the country’s musical landscape as they

Our editorial mix includes breaking news reporting, in-depth interviews and profiles with key players, featured reviews and analysis, calendars of new releases, submission deadlines for
festivals and concerts, as well as grant and funds, and much more.

If you want to reach radio programmers, label executives, government regulators, digital innovators, managers, agents, promotors, musicians and fans, FYI is your go-to vehicle. Our
regular newsletter is delivered to the inboxes of key industry decision makers three times week, and our website is updated on a daily basis.

Rate Card

All insertions rotate in the newsletter 3 times per week and daily on the website.

1 week  >  3 insertions  >  $200/weekly  x  1 week  =  $200

4 weeks  >  12 insertions  >  $175/weekly  x  4 weeks  =  $700

13 weeks  >  39 insertions  >  $150/weekly  x  13 weeks  =  $1,950

26 weeks  >  78 insertions  >  $142/weekly  x  26 weeks  =  $3,697

39 weeks  >  117 insertions  >  $135/weekly  x  39 weeks  =  $5,265

52 weeks  >  156 insertions  >  $128/weekly  x  52 weeks  =  $6,656

If you’re interested in a custom campaign or would like to discuss sponsorship opportuniuties, please contact Jean-Marie Heimrath at (416) 716-2660 or via email at

Creative Specs

Newsletter banners are 580 x 135 pixels. We accept gif, jpeg and png files.

Website banners are available in the following sizes:

728 x 90    –   Top Leaderboard

1170 x 90  –   Billboard

336 x 280   –  Large Rectangle

160 x 600   –  Skyscraper

240 x 70     –  Today’s New Track Sponsorship (Custom order)

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Insertion Order

Please have the following assets ready before starting the submission process:

  • Your ad creative, sized at 580 x 135 for the newsletter, and saved in either GiF, JPEG or PNG format.
  • Your ad creative, sized at one of the web site dimensions specifications above.
  • Optional: Two mobile-friendly version of your ad at 468 x 60 and 320 x 50, if you want your ad to display better on handheld devices.
  • The destination URL where the ad should link.
  • The requested start and end dates for the ad

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