Rosalie with Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen.
November 28, 2021
by Doug Thompson

Last week we reported on the death of Rosalie, but she was such an extraordinary woman that we felt it necessary to include a follow-up story a

Allan with celebrated CFRB morning man Wally Crouter.
September 29, 2021
by Doug Thompson

What was it about Allan Slaight’s influence that those of us who worked for him (and even some who didn’t) were inspired to do things well beyond our own self-imposed limitations? Simply put, Allan Slaight was a born leader as well as a daring innovator and entrepreneur. 

Photo credit: Christina Gapic.
September 21, 2021
by Nick Krewen

(John) Allan Slaight, media mogul, billionaire philanthropist, and founder of Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited, once Canada’s largest priv

May 26, 2021
by Bill King

Known online as Toronto Mike'd, this prolific indie podcast wizard profiles personalities from a variety of fields, including sports, music and radio. Learn more about him in Bill King’s latest FYI podcast.

May 5, 2021
by Bill King

The year was 1976 when Frank Sinatra brings Jerry Lewis’s former partner Dean Martin onstage, unannounced, at the 1976 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in

March 3, 2021
by Bill King

I’m working through the final chapters of Talk, Vol.

Pic courtesy of BBC
December 10, 2020
by External Source

Consultant David Bray does the honours again with an out-of-the-gate analysis of the latest radio measurement rankings that were released on We

December 9, 2020
by Nick Krewen

No matter how hard he tried, Cliff Dumas couldn't pass the Buck.

Q107 Group PD Tammy Cole. Pic provided
September 23, 2020
by David Farrell

The also-ran FM that was once the pride of Toronto has done the unthinkable and crushed the competition. It took a pandemic, (pictured) Tammy Cole and the Q crew to make 'Rock Matters' the destination stop on the dial again.

September 10, 2020
by Bill King

The popular Toronto jazz radio host reflects upon his family’s musical background, his passion for Black culture and history, and his own diverse musical tastes in this in-depth interview.

August 27, 2020
by External Source

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters is warning the CRTC that without regulatory relief the industry could lose as many 200 radio stations over