March 3, 2021
by Bill King

I’m working through the final chapters of Talk, Vol.

Pic courtesy of BBC
December 10, 2020
by External Source

Consultant David Bray does the honours again with an out-of-the-gate analysis of the latest radio measurement rankings that were released on We

December 9, 2020
by Nick Krewen

No matter how hard he tried, Cliff Dumas couldn't pass the Buck.

Q107 Group PD Tammy Cole. Pic provided
September 23, 2020
by David Farrell

The also-ran FM that was once the pride of Toronto has done the unthinkable and crushed the competition. It took a pandemic, (pictured) Tammy Cole and the Q crew to make 'Rock Matters' the destination stop on the dial again.

September 10, 2020
by Bill King

The popular Toronto jazz radio host reflects upon his family’s musical background, his passion for Black culture and history, and his own diverse musical tastes in this in-depth interview.

August 27, 2020
by External Source

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters is warning the CRTC that without regulatory relief the industry could lose as many 200 radio stations over

Image courtesy of The Fold blog
August 20, 2020
by FYI Staff

SOCAN, on behalf of SODRAC members and clients, is finally able to collect for the reproduction of music on CBC television broadcasts.

Photo supplied
July 19, 2020
by David Farrell

One of the last of the few independent chains in Ontario, Durham's fleet of stations was hit with a Pyse ransomware attack that forced the stations off the air recently. Rather than stand down and pay up, Durham used its internal resources to get back up and running.

June 4, 2020
by External Source

In a world overrun by Covid-19, not to mention racial disputes and protesting in the streets, this doesn’t seem to hold the same significance that

Pic courtesy of the Nevin-Heather Facebook page.
May 7, 2020
by External Source

Friends remember the mouse that roared. Well, not exactly a mouse but Nevin was special in that he stood up to his big corporate competitors and competed head-to-head. His love of music and the top 40 format (later oldies radio) made him a formidable competitor, and a respected one too.

Kiefer Sutherland, who appears on Sunday's broadcast, with Bell Media supremo Randy Lennox.
April 24, 2020
by David Farrell

Jockeying meetings, phone calls and who knows what, the Bell Media's president begged off from speaking over the phone but was quick to answer a few questions we put to him about Sunday's extraordinary Canadian broadcast extravaganza Stronger Together that is designed to calm us and replenish food banks that are under stress from the pandemic and its resultant financial hit on the pocketbooks of Canadians.

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. Stock pic
April 1, 2020
by FYI Staff

The Canadian government is waving as much as $30M in licence fees payable to the CRTC by broadcasters for the 2020-21 fiscal year to provide relief