Mysterious Person in Shadow
Mysterious Person in Shadow

The Invisible Act: Please Step Forward!

It happens ALL the time. A publicist pushes out a news release about a moment of fame a client has won, but fails to include key information that can help to sell the client's goods and services. 

I don't wish to embarrass anyone here, so I'm just going to say the client in this case is a Canadian artist with a long and storied career that has so far gone without any meaningful financial gain. Now, with the potential to hit the jackpot, the paid-for publicist fails to say where the song can be purchased, the record label the artist  is affiliated with, or provide any contact information other than their own. 

The artist's website is down, the Facebook page has no actionable information, a YouTube video has huge viewership numbers but no links, and Google provides no answers. As I say, it happens all too often.

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