Action Bronson
Action Bronson

NXNE Stands By Their Man

Festival MD Sara Peel released a statement yesterday telling folk who were dissing the 315-pound Albanian American rapper that they were free to not attend his June 21 Dundas Square freebie concert. That doesn't seem to have cut it with City Hall, however. Reports at the time of writing this column suggest Council has put the kaibosh on Action Bronson appearing on city property, a fact that Bronson rather crudely tweeted on late last night before deleting it.

Peel's NXNE statement though now moot talks about "engaging in discussion" with a community of critics that has suggested the rapper promotes gang-bangs, female degradation and misogamy.

The rumble of words stirred a lively debate on the festival's Facebook page. Simon Harvey posts "Really heartened by your strong stance in support of Action Bronson's right to sing about killing bitches on City property! I'll be in touch about my White Power showcase for 2016-- anyone offended can simply be reminded that you're letting some jews (sic) or whatever play on other stages, right?" 

Not all are offended, however. Jose Barbosa posts "All of you people are ignorant clowns. If you actually listened to the lyrics, he doesn't say anything about raping women. He mentions giving Molly to a woman that wants it. Pull your heads out of your asses and do your own research instead regurgitating what some other clown said. I'll bet none of you actually heard his music before. 

Desiree Davidson is also supportive: "5 year old song that has never been performed live and isn't on any of his albums.. YEAH LETS RIOT," she waxes.

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