Sheepdogs Blow the Horn for Music Education

The Sheepdogs had a captive audience of students howling with appreciation in St. Catharines where they performed for two of three Niagara Regional high schools that each received $10,000 worth of instruments through MusiCounts’ Band-Aid Grant (BAG) program. In the first five months of 2105, $595K worth of in musical instruments have been granted to 69 schools across Canada.

During their performance, The Sheepdogs’ Ewan and Shamus Currie spoke of their own experience with music education growing up, and offered some advice to students at DBSN.

“Obviously music is a great opportunity, whether it’s a job or just a really awesome pastime or hobby,” said Ewan in an interview with Cogeco News. “I just want them to realize that maybe it seems difficult and a bit structured at first when you’re learning scales, and starting off with the basic building blocks, but it’s really a pathway that leads you to a lot of enjoyment and a really cool way to spend your time.”

Trade org Music Canada and its members Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, and Warner Music are proud supporters of the BAG program. This is the 3rd year of Music Canada’s partnership with MusiCounts, following a 2012 pledge of $250K over the next three years, which supports music education programs in schools in across the country.

Music education is a key priority of Music Canada as one of our five strategies in The Next Big Bang report, which recommends that given the strong evidence that music education prepares workers who are more creative, better problem-solvers, and possess soft skills that are critical in the digital economy, as well as the correlation between music scenes and tech clusters, governments should invest more in music education and should consider music scenes as a tool for economic development.

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