Jenna Glatt
Jenna Glatt

Capital City Jenna Glatt Wants To Be Heard

Jenna Glatt grew up in an Ottawa musical family. The Berklee College of Music grad is set for a showcase at The Rivoli this Sunday evening where she plans to spread her wings and bridge her past love of jazz with her current passion for contemporary R&B.

"My style has definitely evolved over the past few years. I think part of that is because I have gone from singing mostly jazz standards and other peoples’ songs to writing my own music," she said in an interview yesterday.

"I would describe my style as R&B with urban and pop influences" she explained. "I think in the past little while, in particular while attending Berklee and being surrounded by so many musicians and working with so many people, and being inspired by multiple genres, this has been the result. I will always love jazz and continue to sing it. But, as an artist, I realize that my true passion is in R&B."

The 23 year-old will be performing material from her self-titled indie album release that came out late 2014, and introducing new songs she's written and hopes to record soon.

"I also have a couple of talented artists opening for me, one of them is Avah Coco who would be categorized as Electro/Jazz, and Elcee who is a Rap/Hip Hop artist," Glatt says plugging her Rivoli date. Pausing, she added, "The show is being held this Sunday, June 14th and doors will be open at 7pm. It should be a really fun evening!"

It's hard to argue with that evident degree of enthusiasm.

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