And Our Readers Write: June 19

Re: Tom Williams & FACTOR

Tom’s history is right on. A bit more additional info.

The late Richard Hahn, a lawyer working for Rogers, helped smooth the way with Rogers, as did Bernie Finkelstein with J. Robert Wood. I was Executive Director of CIRPA at the time, and after the initial meeting, wrote the business plan for what became FACTOR. 

We had lots of challenges coming up with a name, until Duff Roman called me to suggest FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent). I thought that was close, and after a few moments suggested OR (On Record), hence FACTOR. 

The initial commitment of the three broadcasters was $100,000. Shortly after we started, Jim and Chuck from Moffat showed up at our office and gave us a cheque for $100,000 to make the initial budget $200,000. 

It is extremely gratifying to see what an important role FACTOR and MusicAction (which FACTOR helped start) play in developing and sustaining Canadian talent and music entrepreneurs.

Best regards,

Earl Rosen

Marquis Classics


Re: John Parirkhal & Voltair

This is simple: Anything that enhances reported radio tuning should be considered! 

If this works Numeris can ensure a level playing field by purchasing the unit for each encoded PPM station and potentially drive reported tuning up. A small price to pay if the outcome is more robust data. No one is “handicapped” and likely OTA radio tuning will increase.

Andrew Forsyth

Forsyth Consulting

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