Rob Braide, Ted Southam
Rob Braide, Ted Southam

And Our Readers Write: June 22

Re: Tom Williams & FACTOR

A bit more information on point. It was Duff Roman who was the progenitor of Musicaction.

When CHUM was in the process of buying CKGM and CHOM in Montreal from Geoff Stirling in the early '80s, Duff called me up (I was PD at both stations) and suggested that CHUM wanted to show some love to the Québécois music industry and said we should start up a parallel organization to FACTOR. 

I sat on the first board with some remarkable French business heavyweights like Rosaire Archambault, Diane Pinet, Diane Juster, and André Di Cesare.

The first Chair was Marcel Aubut who was the owner of the Québec Nordiques and was later vilified for selling the team to Colorado.

Musicaction is as vital to the Québec industry as is FACTOR in the ROC. But again, props to Duff for his groundbreaking work on both FACTOR and Musicaction.

Rob Braide


Re: On the Charts This Week

David, technically England is not an island nation as the island includes Scotland. Neither is Great Britain as Northern Ireland does not share the island. Bian Chater would have been all over you on that one.

Ted Southam

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