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Apple Music

Apple Music Peels Wrapper Off New Service Today

Apple Music will officially launch at 11am ET today as part of the iOS 8.4 update. With it, the music industry worldwide  waits anxiously to find out if the Cupertino-based firm can ignite a wave of interest in paid music streaming.

Unfortunately, the three-month trial period is exclusive to Apple IOS and PC users as the Android version for mobile phones is being held back until the fall. 

Much has been written about Apple’s well-heeled entry into a crowded market that has won millions of converts to freemium ad-supported services offered by the likes of Spotify. 

The million dollar question lingering is: Can Apple sell paid subscriptions to its service? The headlines today will be awash with news and commentary, but the crucial answer won’t be known until October at the earliest.

The one thing artists need to know is that they are expected to sign up to Apple’s affiliated Connect social media brand. Here, musicians can post songs and videos to enhance existing albums in their discography and create the ‘connect’ to Apple’s iTunes stores. Through Apple Connect, you can also download iTunes Producer, a free app that is advertised as making the delivery of your content seamless. The process is neither simple or quick to join.

Click here to learn how to get your content on Apple Music and manage your ‘Connect’ artist profile page.

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