Jian Ghomeshi, Maclean's magazine
Jian Ghomeshi, Maclean's magazine

No Teddy Bears In This Jian Ghomeshi Story

For those who have missed the fact, Jian Ghomeshi is the featured cover story in the July edition of Toronto Life. Leah McLaren tells stories about knowing him in an earlier time, and a few good friends share confidences about his low key lifestyle living with his mother before his trial date.

‘After the Fall’ has McLaren sensationally writing that “Jian used liberalism and feminism the way Roy Cohn used McCarthyism — as a grand screen of moral superiority that hid his deeper, more urgent desires.”

In the same article, McLaren writes: “What’s startling about the allegations against Jian is not that a seemingly law-abiding person is accused of doing terrible things. That happens all the time. It’s the way Jian wove the most cherished and sacred liberal values of Canadian society into an ingenious disguise that he used to hide in plain sight. He was a wolf in organic, fair-trade lamb’s clothing. One woman I spoke to for this story who is now accusing Jian of sexual assault believes his persona was a deliberate cover for his predatory behaviour. She thinks he created and used his personal brand—one that was endorsed by the same network that brought us David Suzuki and The Friendly Giant—to get in touch with women so he could abuse them. She also believes that for him, in his sickness, that dark irony was a turn-on.“

Elsewhere she writes that “Jian sleeps at his mother’s house as ordered by the court (living there was one of his bail conditions) but … he spends his days at his place in the Beach, reading, watching movies and working out. He will leave to go grocery shopping, but that’s about it. His mother is often there with him, the two still grieving for his beloved father, who died just weeks before the scandal broke. And Jian is now focused on clearing his name in court. He is in fighting form, ready for an epic battle against what he perceives to be a pernicious conspiracy of deranged ex-girlfriends enabled by a corrupt and envious media.“

Ghomeshi, 48, is facing five counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. His lawyer, Marie Henein, said he intends to plead not guilty.

The once-popular host of Q has been practically out of the spotlight since he was fired by the CBC on Oct. 26th. The Star and other media outlets have published the accounts of several women and one man accusing Ghomeshi of harassment, physical abuse, and sexual assault.

A damning report from an independent workplace investigation released in April concluded that CBC management condoned Ghomeshi’s inappropriate workplace behaviour, which included alleged sexual harassment.
Radio executives Chris Boyce and human resources exec Todd Spencer have since left the corporation. Initially, Ghomeshi said he was launching a $50-million lawsuit claiming “breach of confidence and bad faith” by his employer of almost 14 years but later withdrew the claim.

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