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records, albums

Record Sales Are Booming...Sort Of

Music sales are tanking. That's the generally agreed on line of conversation, but hold on. A new read of US stats from the first half of 2015 suggests the CD isn't over and that vinyl sales continue to trend up.

Trade magazine MBW has done a closer inspection of music sales statistics in the American market and found that the big decline in the most recent reporting period is attributable to mass merchants like Walmart shifting from music retailing into other categories.

According to MBW, CD and vinyl album sales at Amazon and independent retailers are, if not booming, at least showing constant sales.

Despite all of the declines in both categories over the past half-decade, catalogue sales volume of physical albums were further ahead of new albums in the first two quarters of 2015 (by 3.4m), MBW reports.

Independent store owners in Canada — of which there are more than 200 — remain a bedrock tool for indie artists and major labels, building artist profiles through specialty releases, vinyl 45s, picture discs, and vinyl albums. It may be that the rush to the future and music streaming has had a deleterious effect on a cluster of physical formats that continue to generate more than 50 percent of music sales in Canada and the US.

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