Stacey Kay, America's Got Talent!
Stacey Kay, America's Got Talent!

America’s Got Some Talent — But We Have Stacey Kay!

I’m wholly invested in Stacey and admit this up front going back to her graduation video from Sheridan College that first caught my attention and our first encounter in Kensington Market.

She’s been like our huggable, joyful daughter in our extended music family and a potent dedicated force in music.

Stacey apprenticed a few years back with our Rockit 88 Band and then the Rhythm Express while designing her own career. I brought her to Slaight Music three years ago and they have been in her corner ever since.

She is an enigma! She has all the personality of ten Bette Midlers, a commanding stage presence, big humor, diesel truck “pedal to the metal” ambition and a tremendous set of pipes — which brings me to America’s Got Some Talent!

I’m suspicious of these reality shows. I wonder how much influence the panels really have.

In Stacey's case – her first audition on the show was a fired up semi-rap soulful punch up. You couldn’t get around the electricity in that brief viewing. Brief viewing – yep – barely on the radar. She did set Howie Mandel jumping, so Tuesday night’s return was sure to be a winner.

I sit through an hour and possibly thirty minutes of weepy cornball nonsense anticipating Stacey’s story and full performance. Not the case! It was another what seemed fifteen second “bury Stacey play” and you know something? No matter how hard you try to put the lid on this young woman she blows the roof off. I had no idea what the full performance was until seeing a clip posted online and “wow” … did she ever burn up the stage.

These shows are about manipulation – the singing fireman who rescues a nunnery from a flash flood in the Mojave Desert; the little child who grew wings after petting a parrot–or the flying magician who pulls clouds out of people’s ears. It’s hyped up TV goo.

Now that I’ve burned up the living room carpet, Stacey will get much mileage out of this. There may be a wild card return and yes–she got Howard Stern’s attention.

Stacey is all Canadian and should be seen everywhere.

She is so much like what’s happening with basketball in this country and in the GTA: Anthony Bennett – # 1 NBA draft pick, Andrew Wiggins – #1 NBA draft pick; next year Jamal Murray somewhere near #1 NBA draft pick, Kia Nurse from Hamilton, the All world Pan Am Canadian basketball champ.

Raise your fist and shout it out!

Go Stacey!



FYI: Stacey is currently working on a new set of songs for a forthcoming album that will be coming out via Slaight Music.





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