Every Song Needs Its 'Cheerleader'

Every song needs its cheerleader, right?

Omi (born Omar Samuel Pasley) has his in Canada with Matt Attfield at StrongSongs DMD, who checked in with us yesterday to report Jamaican star's worldwide "Cheerleader" hit has set a new record in Canada with the most spins in a single week on Top 40 radio.

He's signed to independent NYC dance label, Ultra Music, that is affiliated with Sony Music, a company known for breaking hits. Just look at how the company fanned the fire with "Rude" by Magic! last year and turned another reggae rhythm into a global dancehall hit.

This isn't some overnight success though; Omi composed the song back in '08 but didn't have the opportunity to record it until four years later. It was released in Jamaica along with a low-budget, high-concept video shot in Oregon during OMI's first trip to the United States in 2012.

In 2014, "Cheerleader" got a second life when Patrick Moxey, the president of Ultra Music, heard the song, liked it offered to remix the song and relaunch it as a dance track. In early 2014, Ultra commissioned two remixes for the song, one by Ricky Blaze and the other by Felix Jaehn, a 20-year-old German producer. Eventually Ultra Music opted for the airy tropical house version of "Cheerleader" as remixed by Jaehn.

The remix initially became a huge hit in Sweden, eventually certified 5 times platinum. Soon the song spread through other European charts, notably France, Italy and Germany. It topped the charts in several European countries and in Australia. In the UK, Omi made history in May of this year, when "Cheerleader" topped the UK Singles Chart for a fourth week in a row, marking the longest consecutive period any Jamaican artist has held that position on the chart. In the US, the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 in May and made No. 1 on the Hot 100 after 12 weeks in the chart.

Here in Canada, "Cheerleader" remains at the top of the Billboard Canadian Hot 100, Hot 100 Airplay, Digital Songs and Streaming Songs chart.

Oh, and that record it set for the most spins in a single week at Top 40 radio in Canada? The magic number to beat now is 2423!


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