Tim Des Islets; MapleMusic; Noisemaker
Tim Des Islets; MapleMusic; Noisemaker

MapleMusic Teams Up With New Management Firm

Former Bumstead manager Tim Des Islets has launched his own management firm and struck a "working relationship" with MapleMusic.

Noisemaker is the name of Des Islets' new firm, which he describes as a full service artist development company. With the MapleMusic affiliation, he has also announced the signing of Toronto indie rockers Poor Young Things, PEI's The East Pointers, and blues guitarist Steve Strongman to Noisemaker's roster. Previously he was with Larry Wanagas' Bumstead Productions where he had worked with The Trews, Tim Chaisson, Two Hours Traffic and The Lazys.

We caught up with Tim late yesterday for a Q&A about the new firm, and the new relationship with MM.

Tim, let me congratulate you on the new joint venture, is that how you would describe it?  

Thank you very much although Noisemaker is not a joint venture, I own Noisemaker. I started Noisemaker to manage Poor Young Things and Steve Strongman and co-manage The East Pointers with Bumstead.  

Are you working out of the MapleMusic offices in UMG or a separate office downtown?  

I split my time between the MapleMusic office and an office in the house I share with my wife in the country.  

How did the partnership/joint venture come about?  

Noisemaker is my own company. I have established a relationship with MapleMusic whereby I work in their office and am working alongside them consulting with a few select artists involved with their roster.  

How is it decided on what acts you will be managing, and are they exclusively MM affiliated?  

I started Noisemaker by managing Poor Young Things, Steve Strongman, and co-managing The East Pointers. I wanted to start my company and work with these artists because I believe in what they do and before anything else, am a fan of their music.   

I will eventually be looking to sign new artists to Noisemaker. For me, working with a new artist always comes down to music. There are other factors involved, especially their desire to work hard and build a career, a mutual plan for their future, and enjoying each other's company but music is why I got into this job and it has also come first with every artists' career I have been a part of.   

The artists I work with or the artists I want to manage are not exclusively MapleMusic affiliated. Part of my role at Noisemaker is providing artist management advice to a few select artists on Maple Music' roster.   

You worked with Larry Wanagas at Bumstead. What is your background, how long with Larry and when did you set up Noisemaker?

I worked with Larry Wanagas at Bumstead for four years. I was involved in the management team for Two Hours Traffic, Tim Chaisson, The Lazys, The Trews, The East Pointers, and Poor Young Things, who were originally signed to Bumstead. Before I started with Bumstead I managed roots artists from Toronto and played in a couple bands. My original experience in the music industry came from trial and error and keeping my head up on the road with bands I was playing in or working with. I learned a lot about management, booking tours, radio tracking, and publicity from my years with those artists.  

Noisemaker is a very new company. It is built off the experiences I have had in the music industry over the past decade and my desire to create a new artist-focused management company to help develop the careers of artists I am passionate about.

Contact info: tim@noisemakermanagement.com; P: 647-233-7824

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