CBC, Free the CBC
CBC, Free the CBC

The CBC Is Starting To Become An Election Issue

PostMedia Network, which owns the Sun newspapers, is running attack pieces about the CBC, Brian Lilley — blogger and columnist for the newspaper chain — is calling for the government to sell off the pubcaster, and in Quebec a fierce campaign in favour of supporting the annual subsidy CBC/Radio Canada receives is fast shaping up to be an election issue.

Now public interest group Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is rallying the likeminded to vote against the Harper government's plan to "gut the CBC" and to "secure commitments from the opposition leaders to undo the damage Harper has done to our national public broadcaster."

How persuasive the dueling parties are remains to be seen, but the Friends Facebook page has only won 11,000 'likes" since it was set up over a year ago; however, an online petition supportive of the CBC has won over 250,000 supporters according to Rabble.ca.

From two years ago, Brian Lilley drew a dozen or so people to a town hall meeting in London, ON where he was pimping his book, CBC Exposed.

Unfortunately, the Friends own anti-Harper video campaign is as hysterical as those attack ads targetting his opposition

In urban centres such as Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton the pubcaster probably ranks low in opinion polls, and the billion dollar funding it receives rankles more than a few; however, commercial broadcasters do well via tax breaks and subsidies they receive for carrying Canadian content so they too can't wield the free-enterprise flag too high. Studies have concluded that the per person subsidy to the CBC is small compared to subsidies other G20 pubcasters receive. Considering a great many Canadian musicians have and continue to earn their first career breaks on CBC Radio One and Two, and benefit from the care and professionalism shows such as Q offer, it would be considerate if some of them gave back and stood up for the national institution in an hour of need.



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