Art Bergmann
Art Bergmann

Art Bergmann's Final Return

Canadian punk rock icon Art Bergmann has penned a ballad to a Saskatchewan boy who froze to death nearly 50 years ago fleeing a residential school.Bergmann hopes the song will honour 10-year-old Bobby Bird as well as thousands of other children who died while attending the schools.

“This is tragic, but it’s a beautiful story. The song wrote itself,” Bergmann, 62, said in a telephone interview from his home near Airdrie, Alta. “Bobby represents all of those vanished, damaged kids.”

Bergmann also hopes the song, which is part of a comeback nearly 15 years in the making, will cause Canadians and their governments to ask themselves some tough questions.

“I have so much rage. Our society is built on theft and genocide against First Nations. You cannot turn every square inch of the world into money,” Bergmann said.

His own failing health has led him to retire from the scene. "My body's disintegrating. If I want to say anything more, I have to do it now...This is my last kick at the can." - full story in The StarPhoenix here.

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