Get Up, Bryan Adams
Get Up, Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Adds Muscle For His Next Album

Bryan Adams has teamed up with Jeff Lynne, the reclusive architect behind ELO and the producer who put Roy Orbison back on the map in the bizarre supergroup amalgamation known as the Travelling Willburys that included himself, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and Tom Petty. Get Up is the new Adams' title, is produced by Lynne and co-written with Adams' former writing partner, Jim Vallance.

“It came together quite organically,” recalls Adams, “song by song, working with Jeff producing over the past couple of years whenever he had time.  It was a great partnership as it gave me plenty of time to write the songs, most of which are collaborations with Jim Vallance.  We all worked primarily over the internet from Canada, Europe and LA, sending demos and parts of songs until we got it right.”

"I've always been a big fan of Bryan so getting to work with him was a great pleasure,” says Lynne.  “Bryan would send me a demo across the internet, and then I would play most of the instruments to make a finished backing track and send it back to him in England.  There he would put the lead vocal on to the song and send it back to me in California. 5,400 miles apart!  And it's turned out to be a rockin' album!"

”There is a carefree feeling about this album,” adds Adams, “and in many ways it is the album I wish I'd been able to make 25 years ago.”

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