Bob Lefsetz.. On the Digital Economy

"You can make money in music, many are. Yes, the spoils are going to the 1%, but that's true in all walks of our economy. Turns out there's a limited number of top-notch execs and a limited number of top-notch musicians. Do you want to go see Taylor Swift for a hundred bucks or the girl down the street for five dollars? Economically the latter seems like a good deal, but the truth is you want to see a star.

"The public is happy. Instead of trying to get people to change their minds and go back to a past that you want, better to give them what they want, even better, give them MORE than what they want, new and different. That's what turns people on, not when they're corralled and ripped-off, but when they're enticed."

Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter (remarking on the NYT's article, The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn't

Illustration: Boneface

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