Hazel Scott
Hazel Scott

Before MTV's VMAs: When Acts Oozed Talent. Welcome to Hazel Scott

After an evening of less-than-inspired anti-music pouring from the VMAs, I thought a step back in time was in order. To a time when players had ridiculous talent and went mostly unnoticed until YouTube leveled the viewing field. For all the attention, the millions, and self-serving pronouncements Kanye West spews, he will never rise to this level of musicianship. Times are far different and the bar has been dropped and lies flat-lining on the ground.

The beauty of Facebook is in discovery. When something clicks it sails and soars. Here are two such videos showcasing skills beyond comprehension. For all the glory and accolades addressing the men of jazz there were also women who could kick butt out the door and down the street. Yes, Fats Waller, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum were monster players, but so were their lesser known counterparts; pianists Hazel Scott and Dorothy Donegan. Just follow the fingers!

Hazel Scott: Taking a Chance on Love



And Dorothy Donegan: With the Cab Calloway Band




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