Bernie Finkelstein
Bernie Finkelstein

OK Blue Jays: The Story Behind the Song

The Back Story from Bernie Finkelstein

The record was around for a couple of years but was just being sold at the ball park. It was done by Tony Kosinec and Jack Lenz who wrote and produced it. I was working with Jack around that time on "Mona and the Children" project (with vocalist Doug Cameron for True North Records) and "OK Blue Jays" was sitting on the floor so to speak. I said 'Wow, we should get this out commercially' and they said, 'We tried, and no one was interested.' I said, "Leave it to me'. I took the record to A&M. At the time True North was under a licence deal with CBS (as it was called then) and it didn't leave me enough of a profit margin. I took it to Gerry Lacoursiere (president) at A&M who had become a good friend. I did a quick P&D (pressing and distribution) deal with Gerry and then the team went crazy, just like they are now, and the record ended up selling well over 50,000 copies and going Gold.



From Wikipedia

"OK Blue Jays" is the song played during the seventh-inning stretch of home games of the Canadian Major League Baseball team. The song includes references to the team's roster and events from the 1980s. It was released in 1983 and charted 47th on RPM's singles list. By 1986, the single had sold over 50,000 copies and was certified gold. It was written by Jack Lenz and Tony Kosinec and is performed by Keith Hampshire and "The Bat Boys". The song was remixed by Rob Wells and Chris Anderson in 2003.

The Blue Jays song was conceptualized by Alan Smith, Creative Director at JWT Direct. He wrote most of the lyrics together with copywriter Pat Arbour, although the first verse was written entirely by recording artist Tony Kosinec of the Lenz/Kosinec jingle house, which was hired to write the music and produce the song under Smith and Arbour's direction. The project was approved and supported by Blue Jays executive Paul Beeston.

The Bat Boys

  • Barry Keane – drums
  • Mike Francis – guitar
  • Roly Platt – harmonicas
  • David Sawyer – bass
  • Denis Le Page – banjo
  • Jack Lenz – piano and background vocals
  • Ralph Fraser – stadium organ
  • Keith Hampshire – lead and background vocals
  • Tony Kosinec – background vocals
  • Laurie Bower – background vocals


  • Recording by Don Geppert at Eastern Sound
  • Additional recording and mixing by John Naslen at Manta Sound


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