Spotify's Daniel Ek Promotes Rogers' Data Plan

Rogers brought Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to Canada this week on a media campaign to promote the two companies’ music-focused partnership. What began as an integration with Fido’s new Pulse plans has expanded to Rogers’ own higher-margin Share Everything product, which provides customers two years of Spotify Premium streaming for up to three customers per account.

Ek said that Canada was one of Spotify’s fastest-growing markets, noting that the country “pulled above its weight” in terms of overall streaming usage. Laurence then claimed that 95 percent of streaming music listeners on his network do so almost entirely on their mobile phones, choosing to boost the amount of data they use per month in the process.

“We see this as a longer-term boost to ARPU (average revenue per user),” Laurence said, but for now he’s just happy more Canadians are listening to streaming music on a regular basis.

Laurence sought a partnership with Spotify last year, and completed the agreement in just two weeks, according to the CEO, who has introduced a number of so-called “value adds” to go along with Rogers’ higher-cost plans. “Hardware has started to become a little bit stale,” he quipped, citing the move towards premium content experiences as a way for customers to justify spending more on their monthly plan.

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Pictured above courtesy of Rogers Communications president and CEO Guy Laurence and Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek met with reporters in Toronto on Monday to discuss their partnership

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