Justin Trudeau, Arts Funding
Justin Trudeau, Arts Funding

Trudeau Pledges $380M Additional Arts Funding

A Liberal government would invest $380 million in new money into the country's cultural and creative industries, leader Justin Trudeau said yesterday. 

During a campaign stop in downtown Montreal, Trudeau told supporters and members of the Quebec arts community that culture and creative industries generate jobs and help to strengthen the economy. 

Trudeau said that if the Grits form government following the Oct. 19th vote, they would:

  • Invest $150 million in new annual funding for CBC/Radio-Canada, a commitment that reverses Harper’s cuts and goes even further to ensure that our national broadcaster is able to fulfill its mandate – promoting Canadian culture, identity, bilingualism, and minority voices across the country.
  • Double investment to the Canada Council for the Arts to $360 million per year from $180 million.
  • Increase funding for Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board, with a new investment totalling $25 million per year.
  • Restore the Promart and Trade Routes international cultural promotion programs that Harper cut, and increase funding to $25 milllion per year.
  • Increase funding for the Young Canada Works program to help prepare the next generation of Canadians working in the heritage sector, as part of a renewed Youth Employment Strategy.

The Liberal leader stated: "As part of our historic new investment in social infrastructure of nearly $6 billion over the next four years and almost $20 billion over ten years, we will invest significantly more in cultural infrastructure. These investments will include facilities used by communities to express and promote their culture.

“Culture is what defines us. It brings us together. Yet for a decade, our cultural and creative industries have been under attack by Harper,” said Mr. Trudeau. “I want our creators, in all fields, in all communities – including Indigenous Peoples and linguistic minorities – to feel supported and valued by their government. Cultural investment creates jobs, stimulates tourism, and improves our overall quality of life and sense of community. A Liberal government is committed to celebrating and supporting our rich heritage that makes us distinctly Canadian.” 

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