Nobodies On BRBR On TV In 13 Canadian Cities

French language TV network TFO started filming the first of 13 episodes of its best rising new talent show BRBR Le Conquérant in Fredericton and Halifax. Travelling in a branded bus with host Melissa Hetu, the BRBR (pronounced barbar) Le Conquérant team will be meeting up with local artists to visit their favourite record stores, music venues, busking spots and clubs. Already on tap as part of this underground exploration include artists Young Satan in Love, Les Synthétiques, The Eastern Belles, Shawn Jobin, Sarah Osborne, Pistol George Warren, Menoncle Jason, Karate Kids, IVAN, Bella Clava, Arthur Comeau, Ariane Mahrÿke, and Ariane Jean.

Music fans can keep their eyes peeled in the below cities for the roving BRBR bus and are encouraged to follow and interact with the artists along the tour’s journey through social media. Follow BRBR Le Conquérant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope and with the hashtag #BRBRbus.


Fredericton (Sept 17-18)
Halifax (Sept 22-23)
Charlottetown (Sept 25 and 28)
Moncton (Sept 29-30) *Free tailgate party for fans*
Ottawa (Oct 2 and 5)
Sudbury (Oct 7-8)
Thunder Bay (Oct 12-13)
Winnipeg (Oct 15-16) *Free tailgate party for fans*
Saskatoon (Oct 20-21)
Edmonton (Oct 23 and 26) *Free tailgate party for fans*
Calgary (Oct 28-29)
Vancouver (Nov 2-3)
Victoria (Nov 5-6)

Performers will be doing free live shows for local audiences. The shows will be filmed for a TV series that will air Saturdays at 8:00 pm beginning January 9.

For more information contact: Touria Karim, Groupe Média TFO:  416.453.4388

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