Today's New Track: 'Home Run Anthem'

B. rich - "Home Run Anthem" (Wax Records): Following in the tradition of Bob & Doug and the Trailer Park Boys, B and Steve taunted us last year with the hoser anthem "Out For A Rip" and the duo's back with a more family friendly message that promises to be a runaway hit anthem for the Blue Jays as they redeem themselves and give Toronto and Canada something to root for.

It's a wacky tune and captures the moment. In a statement the duo has this to say about the drop: "We're offering up this deadly friggin' track to the gods of baseball and winning... We figured if someone didn't drop a Jays anthem pronto, before you could say 'touch em all, Joe', there'd be a whole album of Blue Jays themed T.Swift covers all up in your newsfeed. We are admittedly two of the biggest T.Swift fans you'll ever meet, but when it comes to gettin' pumped about ball, you need a friggin' stadium banger.... so here it is. Crank it."



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