Mr. CKOC: Nevin Grant Looks Back On A Life In Music

“I became a serious collector of 45 rpm recordings in the mid-Fifties. I tried to collect every hit single... I’d also buy any recording I really liked, whether a hit or not. Add on my Rhythm and Blues collection… and you can see how I amassed a major collection with close to 15,000 45 rpm singles… I owe my parents very much for providing the magic of a background in music.

"I was always the flamboyant one attacking works by my favourite composers, Chopin and Rachmaninoff... I played piano in a Combo… You almost had to be there to imagine the impact of Elvis Presley on the world of pop music…

"My father always said my high school years would be the best years of my life – was he ever right!… Motown would soon be taking a major chunk of the music market… The British invasion was a positive thing as it shook up the establishment… Collectively we held our breath as Kennedy stared down Russian Premier Kruschev in a scary game of nuclear roulette…

"Over the years CKOC would earn the reputation of being “the Hitmaker,” a leader in breaking new hits and new artists as more than 25 framed gold and platinum record awards would attest…”

Nevin Grant, author, Growing Up With The Hits! Reliving the Best Time of Your Life - 1955-1989

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