Dissecting Digital Dollar Streams Made Easy

The UK chapter of Music Managers Forum has published a report that simplifies the complex web of digital music streams.

Dissecting the Digital Dollar took nine months to produce and the result serves as a useful primer for managers, publishers, artists and others in the music business today.

The report's authors state that “in the last decade there has been a fundamental shift in the recorded music industry, from a units-based CD business to a revenue-share subscription business, and that has required a new approach and new licensing models. Labels, publishers and collective management organisations have been busy honing those approaches and models, but as the industry further evolves, it’s time for artists and their managers to join the conversation."

However, a survey of 50 leading artist managers conducted as part of the survey demonstrated that this is yet to really happen as less than 10% knew the key elements of the deals struck up by all their artists’ labels with the streaming platforms, what charges and deductions labels were making from their digital income, and how publishing royalties were being distributed.

You can obtain a free copy of the report here.

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