Rogers-Videotron Battle Could Decide Future Of Streaming Music In Canada

The way you listen to music on your smartphone is becoming a prickly issue with some of the country's wireless carriers.

Canadian Press reports on Rogers Communications having filed a complaint with the CRTC over Quebec-based Videotron's Unlimited Music offering, which allows certain customers to stream audio on the go without it counting towards their mobile data plan.

But Rogers says the service clashes with rules set by the regulator which prohibit telecoms from favouring customers when it comes to the transmission of wireless data.

Launched in August, Unlimited Music eliminates a common complaint from music fans who say that frequent audio streaming can max out their data plans and ultimately cost them extra money.

There are a few stipulations to Unlimited Music, although it's only included in Videotron's premium wireless plan and just a select list of streaming services like Stingray, Rdio, Google Play and Spotify are exempt from data caps. Both of those factors have raised concerns with Rogers.

The Toronto-based telecom company filed a complaint with the CRTC on Tuesday saying Unlimited Music contravenes a regulatory decision on how telecom companies market mobile exemptions to consumers.

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