Neil Dalton
Neil Dalton

Danzig: Montreal Cops Investigate Alleged Assault On Fan

A fan attending metal god Glenn Danzig’s show at Montreal’s Metropolis club last Sunday night is alleging the 60 year-old singer and his security team beat him up after spotting him in the audience taking photos.

The accuser, Toronto resident Neil Dalton, stated in Facebook posts (accompanied by a photo of his bloodied face) that he was trying to take pictures on his phone—a violation of Danzig’s longstanding no-photo policy at his concerts—and when caught in the act, Danzig said on stage that he would “break [Dalton’s] fucking neck.”

Dalton then claims he was dragged out the venue’s back door by two security guards and “beat down.” He was able to get back into Metropolis, but was taken outside again when noticed by security, and this time he says Danzig himself came out “to punch and kick me.” Dalton then evidently went to hospital for treatment, and gave a statement to police. Montreal PD confirms Dalton filed a police report later that night, and they're investigating.

While no eyewitnesses have come forward to formally corroborate the claims, several anonymous concert attendees told the blog Metal Injection that they had recognized Dalton as a person causing disturbances throughout the show. However, one anonymous emailer who said waiting at the venue’s back door to meet Danzig, told Metal Injection, “Right after the show ended, Glenn came running out [of Metropolis] and engaged Neil and threw a kick to Neil’s ribs, and connected. He also swung a couple punches that missed before security got Glenn on his bus. Glenn kept calling Neil a motherfucker.”

Whether this incident is proven to be true of false, Danzig’s dislike of photographers has previously been documented on YouTube and other outlets.

Photo taken from Dalton's Facebook page


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