CRTC Wants To Revisit Regs For French Vocal Music

The CRTC has recently set out a regulatory framework for a review for French-language vocal music applicable to the French-language commercial radio sector. From their report:

Most Canadian French Vocal Music artists work in Quebec. Each year, Quebec artists release some 400 albums, approximately half of which are in French.

While the production of new sound recordings in Quebec is going relatively well and there seems to be a sufficient supply of French-language albums, sales of physical (CDs) and digital (albums and tracks) products have been declining in the Quebec market, as in the rest of Canada and elsewhere in the world. In 2014, digital product sales dropped for the first time in Quebec (-7% compared with 2013). Among other things, the cause of this trend is the increasing adoption of new digital platforms by Canadian consumers.

In spite of this decline, the Quebec market share has been holding at 50% of CD (physical medium) sales for 10 years. In 2014, seven of the ten albums most sold in Quebec were produced there.

- Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-318

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