Magic City: The Club Where Booties Promote Rappers

Rappers like The Weeknd, Future and Drake know about the magic potion that is known as Magic City, an Atlanta strip club where women "with impossible bodies call the shots, and where a DJ who spins your track can make you a star."

It's a place where the money falls so thick it feels like walking on plush Berber carpet for the girls on stage with naked feet, and the bills pushed their way add up to tens of thousands in a night.

The tastemakers are peelers and DJs at Atlanta’s Magic City strip club, the place that was largely responsible for launching the careers of artists like Future and Migos. Future’s tour DJ, DJ Esco, still works at Magic City when he’s not on tour.

Only in hip-hop could a club like Magic City have the kind of place in the ecosystem that it does. No other segment of the music industry is dominated so fully at its lowest rungs by homegrown artists. No other segment of the music industry is quite so collaborative, cross-pollinating, fucking social, with everyone guesting on everyone else's songs and working with seventeen different producers. And all of that is physically manifested within the cinder-block walls of Magic City.

And as important as Magic City is to a budding rapper's career, it's but a part of a circuit of booty and boogie clubs in America. Devin Friedman has the story, Lauren Greenfield took the pictures.




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