Terry Brown
Terry Brown

Terry Brown: Canada's Top Unknown Hit Meister

Transplanted hit meister Terry Brown has worked with some of the best over the years and continues to have his credit appearing on albums that stand out from the stack by a country mile.

Today at 9 a.m. Toronto time Bill King interviews the soft-spoken audio magician on CIUT 89.5 (listen online here) and it will be transcribed to appear in next Monday's edition of FYI.

His story is one few others have to share. Among his credits as engineer or producer are recordings by The Who, Hendrix, The Moody Blues, Marianne Faithfull, Procol Harum, Donovan, Streisand, and a Juno Award-winning collection of Canadian acts including Rush, Max Webster, Gowan, Michel Pagliaro, FM, Dr. Music, April Wine, and Blue Rodeo.

Contact Terry and find out more here.

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