Nordicity Study: Festival, Audience & Venue Metrics

The Music Canada live music study of Ontario conducted by Nordicity contains a large number of facts and figures that make for interesting reading, and provide a great number of fascinating insights about the industry. We covered some of the details in three feature snapshots in Wednesday's edition. Today, we follow up with a smaller number of take-aways that caught our interest, but were overlooked in our initial reporting of the document.

- Venues: Research conducted by Nordicity along with Music Canada yielded a total universe of 616 venues offering live music performances operating in Ontario in 2013. Together, these venues have a combined capacity of 3.6 million people.

- Festivals: In 2013, 558 festivals across the province sold a total of 15.7 million tickets (including free and complimentary tickets), representing 13.7 million unique visitors.

- Promoters: There were 775 promoters operating in Ontario in 2013. Together, they promoted 81,600 shows, which sold a combined total of 5.4 million tickets.

Among the report's findings is the surprising fact that concert halls remain largely unrented on weekends and the main traffic occurs throughout the work week.

The Music Canada study captured responses from 69 festivals operating in the province. In order to more accurately represent average festival sizes, festivals were broken down into small, medium, and large sizes, as shown in the chart below.

The chart below shows the distribution of festival by size across the province. With a distinct representation by size, it appears the overwhelming draw for patrons are those that are scaled for comfort rather than the mega-festivals that are spectacles, but this may simply be the result of there being more of the former.

The following chart breaks down festivals by duration. Most festivals (76%) last less than a week, while around one in ten last longer than two full weeks. Overall, the average duration of a music festival in Ontario is 6.5 days.



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