Music Canada Argues For Better Music Education In Schools

Trade group Music Canada has submitted a series of recommendations to the Ontario government’s first Cultural Strategy consultation that, if implemented, will have a positive and wide-ranging impact in promoting live music in the province, and enhancing music education in the public school system.

Among the suggestions:

  • Many Ontario municipalities, including Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Kitchener, Barrie, and Toronto, have demonstrated an extraordinary level of interest in municipal music strategies. Together with members of their local music communities, these cities have prioritized music as an important part of their economies, invested in consultations, plan development, and provided municipal support in the form of staffing and programs.
  • Yet many policies that have an impact on the music scene are in whole, or in part, under provincial jurisdiction (ie. Liquor licensing, tourism development). As a result, to be truly effective, coordination and cooperation between the province and municipalities would be recommended.
  • High quality music education should be available in the public school system and should be emphasized in Ontario's future cultural strategy.

The submission can be found in full as a PDF doc here



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