Canadian Music Through The Lens

As amazing a year as it's been for Canadian music, it's also been a great year for Canadian music videos. From the video that gave your uncle pride in his dance moves to the epic weirdout that made us drastically rethink the career of a mainstay singer/songwriter, this was a big year for homegrown directors and screens... even if those screens are only 5 inches.

So rather than a straight-up best music videos list, here at Chart Attack, we decided to follow the approach we've been taking yearlong and focus on the auteurs behind the cameras (or animation notebooks), the ones who give your favourite songs their visual flair.

We caught up with six directors responsible for our favourite videos of the year and asked them to reflect on the year in music videos, both their own and the world's. If nothing else, their picks will keep you distracted until Christmas. Some are surprising, some are essential, others are just plain cool.

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