FYI Countdown In Song: On The 2nd Day Before Christmas...

Ron Irving, west-coast songwriter: "Another Silent Night" - Ron Irving. Here is one more song for your Christmas list. I co-wrote this with Lynda McKillip and Aileen Delacruz and performed it live at the Bluebird North show in Vancouver.

Roy Forbes, songwriter, musician aka Bim: “Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn” – Cotton Top Sanctified Singers.  I'm a big fan of Bruce Cockburn's Christmas album, especially his version of  ”Early On One Christmas Morn". I thought it might be fun to hear the original 1929 recording of that tune by the Cotton Top Sanctified Singers. No video but a nice ad for the original Brunswick 78. I'll be playing "Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn" on my Monday night CKUA radio show, Roy's Record Room, when I feature an all-78 visit from the Shellac Shack Santa. The Cotton Top Sanctified Singers record is on my Christmas 78 wish-list. The show aired at six PM, MST. (Sadly) no podcast.


Andrew Austin, songwriter, musician: “Whatever Happened To Christmas” – Andy Kim & Ron Sexsmith. It probably changes every year, but one holiday song I've been thinking of this year is "What Ever Happened To Christmas" by Andy Kim and Ron Sexsmith. I was playing guitar in Andy's live band, at the time he wrote it with Ron. I thought, 'people still write Christmas Songs? Like relevant and good ones.' It might not be a happy, celebratory one, but it reminds me a little bit of "So This Is Christmas" by John Lennon - another favourite. They both have that sort of sense of 'Christmas is great, we should all enjoy it, but also remember that we could all do a little bit better.' I like to add the tiniest dash of guilt to my holiday celebration.


Richard Green, retired librarian: "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - Darlene Love. There are lots of performances of this song by Darlene Love, and others, but this one from The David Letterman Show in 1986, the first of what would become an annual Letterman rite and quite a spectacle, has just Paul Shaffer and the band at their best backing Darlene, who sings her holiday stockings off!

"We Three Kings" - The Beach Boys. I thought there was a sequence with the Beach Boys paired with, I think, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, but perhaps the copyright grinches took it away.  In any event, these are the Beach Boys doing their best Four Freshmen inspired singing and looking very young and clean-cut.








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