Canada's Pop Misogynists

"The sensitive misogynist is all over the charts these days.

"Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber – there they are, moaning about the emptiness they feel whilst sinking into bottomless mounds of money and/or drugs with many, many, beautiful women night after night. Then apologizing for it and hating themselves for all the fun they had the next morning.

"Oh, the agony of it all. And by way, lads, just because your discographies are chocked with songs about how you feel bad about treating women like garbage and how your inability to truly “love” or “commit” has forced you to treat them like garbage, you are not absolved of routinely treating women as, yep, garbage in song...."

- Ben Rayner, Toronto Star, Dec 30: In pop's top songs, harm disguised by charm


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