Turntables A Hot Christmas Seller

Further proof of vinyl's ongoing resurgence came over the Christmas season. Sales of entry-level turntables proved hotter than open-fire roasted chestnuts, suggesting that the appeal of vinyl is growing amongst younger-generation music lovers.
A report posted on factmag.com at the end of the year showed that Amazon's best-selling home audio product over the Christmas season was the Jensen JTA-230, a three-speed stereo turntable with built-in speakers priced at around the $50 (US) mark. The same source also reported that "earlier in December, HMV was selling a turntable every minute in the run up to Christmas."
Anecdotal evidence suggests a similar run on turntables in Canada. Canadian Tire heavily featured the Innovative Technology Portable 3-Speed Vintage Turntable (priced under $100) in its Christmas season advertising, with impressive results. When a FYI staffer attempted to find one at the end of December, he was informed there was only one left in the entire GTA.
Given the fact that the greater majority of new vinyl is imported from abroad, prices are destined to become even more prohibitive than now with the discounted Canadian dollar jamming prices up on a great number of goods from abroad. This could be a blessing for indie stores with used vinyl binned at reasonable prices.

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