CIMA: 2015 and Beyond

With CIMA celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015, we wanted to make sure this calendar year was a special one.

We launched Road Gold, a program celebrating Canada’s hard-working touring bands this past summer, with a list of ever-growing recipients: USS, Big Wreck, Matt Andersen, Made Them Lions and The Dead South – with many more to come. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in style at our inaugural Awards Gala & 40th Anniversary celebrations, where we were able to honour our founding members as well as look forward to the future of Canada’s independent music sector. On the advocacy front, we were more active than ever in acting as the voice of the Canadian-owned music industry, taking our members' interests out to Ottawa and beyond.

We were instrumental in forming the Music Export Canada collective to ensure that Canada has its own strengthened branding when it comes to taking our music, and our music business, worldwide. Through Canadian Blast, we organized and executed 18 music trade missions in 19 cities and 8 countries around the world. We programmed 129 artists in official Canadian Blast showcases, while supporting 195 Canadian music companies at international conferences, events and trade missions. We can conservatively estimate that as many as 1,000 artists were directly or indirectly promoted, marketed and supported by CIMA’s international initiatives last year.

We believe that the year to come will be another important, milestone-filled year for CIMA. Our Canadian Blast missions will be heading to new places in 2016 (more details to come!), and we’ll be returning to some old places bigger and better than ever. We will continue to represent our members’ interests in Ottawa and supporting the growth, development and sustainability of the independent music industry in Canada. We’ll have our eye on issues like the review of the Copyright Modernization Act, and helping government think of ways they can leverage our companies’ success in exporting Canadian music across the globe. 




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