Bob Segarini On David Bowie

"I have a great many friends who are going to be devastated by the loss of David Bowie, and although not as much of a fan as some of the people I care about, I have already started to feel their pain and his loss.

"Lemmy was bad enough. His passing was hurtful, unjust, and against the belief that like Keith Richards, he would outlive us all…but life has a way of handing us twists and turns, some good, some bad, but always when we least expect them. I am so impressed that Bowie kept his pain and his challenge to himself, to carry the burden, along with his family, that we all would have gladly lent our hopes and wishes and prayers, but he chose to do this with dignity and bravery…and still found the time to leave to his friends and fans, a gift of music that will now have even more impact and be treasured as his swan song, and a parting gift to the millions of people who were touched by him.
I too, was influenced and entertained by this man, and so was my writing partner and closest friend at the time, Rand Bishop, whose pain I can feel all the way from Oregon.

Many will be writing about this man for weeks, months and years to come...."

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