Good News And Bad News For Kiesza

The smash international hit by Kiesza, “Hideaway,” came out almost exactly two years ago, but it continues to make news, positively and negatively.

On the plus side, the track recently earned her two 2015 SOCAN Awards, an International Song Award and a Dance Music Award. The singer picked up the plaques at a SOCAN-hosted party in Toronto last month.

Less positive is the news that Kiesza and her label (Universal Music Group) are now facing a lawsuit from American graffiti artist Jamie Hef (a.k.a. Jamie Mitchel Kosse).

According to Courthouse News, on Jan. 12 (four days before the singer’s 27th birthday), Kosse filed a suit in US Federal Court, claiming that no consent was given for the use of his work in the viral hit video for “Hideaway” (the clip has just notched 300 million YouTube views). His graffiti pieces are seen in the video, one shot in the streets of Williamsburg, NY.

The suit alleges that the use of Kosse's work in the video “creates the false impression that plaintiff endorses Kiesza, which he does not, and that he authorized the usage of his highly distinctive works to promote the launch of Kiesza’s career.”

Kosse’s representatives are reported to have contacted Kiesza in the past to block the use of their client's work, but received no response. The graffiti artist is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for copyright infringement and false endorsement.

Kiesza fans will be pleased to learn that she hasn’t been hiding away. She recently collaborated with Djemba Djemba on the track “Give It To The Moment,” one then remixed by five different international producers. The project was captured in the short film Electric, sponsored by the Smirnoff Sound Collective, though the cut hasn't generated much action.

Last month Kiesza revealed that she has been working with pop hit songwriter Diane Warren (Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith) on material for a new album (her third), though no timing for the release of that record has been announced.

Photo credit: Darren Goldstein



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