Drake's Super Bowl Ads A Hit

Aside from the millions of viewers from north of the border, there wasn’t much Canadian content on Sunday’s Super Bowl extravaganza, but Drake did manage to represent the North well.

As further proof of his standing at the top of the hiphop heap, he starred in one of the much-publicized commercials premiering during the Super Bowl, the most expensive time slot of the year (at up to US $5 million per 30-second clip).

The ad was for T-Mobile, and it wittily used Drake’s viral video for “Hotline Bling” as a backdrop. He’s seen smilingly agreeing to some ridiculous lyric modifications suggested by the wireless company reps on the set.

The commercial has made the list of Best Ads Aired during the Super Bowl, and has quickly grabbed 5.25 million YouTube views.

Unfortunately these American ads are blocked from Canadian viewers, but the Canadian channels broadcasting the game went for a different commercial based on Drake. In a sparse black and white clip, he is filmed extolling the virtues of Jordan shoes.

Given that he’s a dedicated NBA and Michael Jordan fan, he comes across as a credible pitchman. In the minute long spot, Drake recalls that “My first pair of Jordans was the Jordan 15s in the white with the carolina blue. I’ll never forget it because it was a gift from my father.”

The motivational-style clip then has him explaining “My life is to go out there and get on that stage, you know, act as if I am Mike. Act as if it is the playoffs. Act as if there is a championship trophy to be won. But when I'm walking through the tunnel, I have the same fire in my eyes.”

Right now, few can dispute Drake’s standing as the champion. Guess he’ll be sporting his new Jordans when the much-hyped NBA All-Star Weekend hits the Six on Friday.

Along with Torontonian Director X (formerly Little X), Drake and Rihanna recently filmed a video in Toronto for their current hit collaboration, “Work.” Their ‘work’ together sparked rumours that Drake and Rihanna are playing together off-screen as well.



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