Scott Helman: The Gobsmacked Kid Star

So what's so special about Scott Helman?

We are all supposed to know the storybook success about the kid from the Upper Beaches district in Toronto who sniffed the air and heard music; who bullied his parents into allowing him to demo a few of his songs in a low-fi studio and walked out with a development deal with Warner Music Canada when he was barely a teen.

Now a maturing twenty something year-old, Helman’s debut album Augusta has earned him Breakthrough Artist and Album of the year Juno nominations, a gold single for “Bungalow” and opening slots in concerts across Canada and in Europe.

Helman’s success can be traced back to Justin Bieber’s discovery by manager Scooter Braun on YouTube. He’s part of a new wave of acoustic singer-songwriters returning music to its roots. Like Ed Sheeran, like James Bay, like Chris Stapleton, he’s marketing himself as he is: a decent guy; an anti-star; a guy with an ear for a song, writing about everyday stuff. Helman’s a balladeer blessed with a common touch and - ever so importantly - isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability. Better still, he intuitively understands his brand. He’s a kid born of the digital age and can express himself in conversations using social media that seem as selfless and simple as one-on-one conversations. There’s no artifice, no appearance of being stage managed. He’s the kid in the candy store doing what he wants.

It’s these attributes that make Scott Helman special. It’s these attributes that shine through in his latest EPK sent yesterday by Warner Music Publicity VP Steve Waxman. It’s the antithesis of LA. It’s so very Canadian. It’s something from the heart and it won this cynical scribbler over in a heartbeat.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!





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