Photo by Pawel Tkaczyk
Photo by Pawel Tkaczyk

Love My Music? Then Buy My $1,000 Album

Would you pay $1,000 for an album? Welcome to the latest industry experiment.

The Toronto-based Heights is best known for producing music in Canada’s hip-hop scene, with production credits for the likes of Shad, Greenpeace, TED, J Shiltz and several others.

Now, Heights (also known as Heights Beats) is trying an interesting experiment to counteract the steady decline in recording sales. Instead of giving away his album Incognito Mode for free, Heights has decided to make his release one of the most expensive albums ever, priced at $100 per track.

There’s a fun and rather clever catch to this, however—the offer is for the hard copy only; a download of the album is available for free from Height’s Hot Milk Records label.

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